Over the course of time, it has become extremely difficult for an investor to find an exchange that is reliable and trustworthy. It is mainly because most of the online trading exchanges have resorted to getting money out of the investors because investors are ready to make hefty investments. At present, majority of the investors are confused and uncertain about the exchanges they are choosing to trade with. This is where MarketSpots comes in and takes out that uncertainty from your mind. Therefore, let me share some information around the exchange in my MarketSpots review to show you how it can be trusted more than other exchanges.

MarketSpots Offers Several Trading Instruments

When it comes to offering online trading instruments, majority of the online trading exchanges offer a single trading asset. The reason behind offering a single instrument is either not taking much of a hassle with instruments as they have bad intentions behind them. On the other hand, MarketSpots aims to provide and dedicate its teams to the trading instruments it offers you. At present, the trading instruments it offers include cryptocurrencies, forex, and stocks.

MarketSpots Offers Variety of Trading Accounts

At MarketSpots, you have access to a wide range of trading accounts serving different trading experiences and expertise. The accounts offered by MarketSpots serve a particular trading experience group such as starter, mediocre, and veteran. Therefore, MarketSpots has a total of five different kinds of trading accounts to serve that purpose.

MarketSpots Offers Variety of Services

No matter the trading account you choose to trade with MarketSpots, you gain access to a number of services that are available to you in general. Some of those services include access to trading academy, margin trading, leverage trading, portfolio report, weekly market reviews, discounts, and many more other services.

MarketSpots Offers a Unique Trading Platform

At MarketSpots, you have access to a unique and exclusive trading platform. The platform is exclusively available to you for your trading activities. The trading platform offers a user friendly trading environment and customizable trading interface. The tools and features available through MarketSpots are also state of the art, top class, and on par with services offered by any other trading platform. At present, the services offered by MarketSpots include advanced trading charts/graphs, fast executions, several trading markets, and 800+ cryptocurrency assets. Some other services offered by MarketSpots include trading signals, price alerts, market news, and so much more.

MarketSpots Offers Easy Deposit and Withdrawal Options

MarketSpots offers you easy deposit and withdrawal options that are highly trusted and secure. At present, the payment methods you can use include bank wire, credit/debit cards, and wallets for major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. MarketSpots also offers you the opportunity to making deposits via stablecoin (USDT) wallet.

In case of withdrawals, you have the option of requesting it using the same methods used for making deposits. If your withdrawal method is credit/debit card or crypto-stablecoin wallet, then the minimum withdrawal limit is $50. In case of bank wire, the minimum withdrawal limit is $100.

The most interesting about MarketSpots is that it offers you the ability to make a deposit or withdrawal in three major fiat currencies. At present, the fiat currencies include GBP, USD, and EUR.

MarketSpots Offers Top Class Transactions Security

The security system offered by MarketSpots is SSL Security System, which is on par with industry level security infrastructures. The particular security system strengthens the security and protection of your transactions with encryptions. This way, no hacker or third party gets to access the data present within the transactions, so there is no chance they can use it.

MarketSpots Adheres to Regulatory Policies

MarketSpots is a highly regulated exchange and strictly adheres to the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. MarketSpots does it so it can offer you an ethical, protected, and secure trading platform. When it comes to KYC policy, MarketSpots ensures it keeps a track of your personal identification information under the KYC guidelines. According to the AML policy, it keeps a close check on your transaction activities such as deposits and withdrawals. It keeps a track on them so if a transaction exceeds a particular benchmark MarketSpots reports it to the regulators.

MarketSpots Offers Top Class Customer Support

Most of the below standard exchanges do not provide a reliable and a prompt customer support. Their teams do not even bother to reply to your queries, let alone provide a resolution. This is where MarketSpots’ customer support demonstrates its professionalism and experience with the level of service it provides you. Their support is available 24/6 and they are always ready to provide solution to your query.