Trading with ease is quite an elusive concept, as many platforms propagate that they make trading easy when they don’t. They just provide you with an outdated platform with clichéd features and try to make you think you are enjoying advanced trading. However, I want to tell you about Zulutrade, which I think really knows how to make trading easy for investors. My Zulutrade review will talk about the features that will reveal the ease that investors enjoy on this platform. So, without wasting anymore time, here’s the review for you.

Pick a Broker of Your Choice

While others talk about the choices they offer you in terms of assets, this platform is on another level as it offers you broker options as well. I just want to let you know at this point that this company doesn’t have any problem with your existing broker. In fact, the platform has been designed to connect with the broker that you have already chosen. However, it also has the backup plan for those who don’t have any brokers right now. When signing up with Zulutrade, you can find a list of brokers that you can go with. These are not just ordinary brokers.

You can rest assured that these companies have been chosen by Zulutrade with everything considered. They are safe, provide you with convenient trading services, and trusted by hundreds of thousands of traders from around the world. They also have great trading conditions. Of course, you can compare these things before you pick one and sign up with it. The good part is that you can pick the on you like and there is no one pushing you in any particular direction.

Pick the Assets of Your Choice

This is where things become even easier. Despite the fact that you are copy trading on this platform, you can pick the assets of your choice. You are not bound or limited to a particular asset type when you sign up with Zulutrade. The company has given you the liberty to pick the assets that align with your trading strategies and goals. If you are open to taking big risks, you can go with assets that pose big risks but also offer you huge returns if you trade them successfully. Take the example of cryptocurrencies that are volatile but also give you the opportunity to make huge profits.

At the same time, the platform gives you access to other markets, such as forex currency pairs and stocks. You can pick the most liquid and stable currency pairs or those that are volatile i.e. in the exotic pairs category. You also have stocks from the best companies in the world, including Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla, etc. Commodities can also be traded on this platform and you can pick from precious metals, such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and many others.

No Unfair Profits from Investors

The idea of copy trading is that you copy a trader and believe in their trading knowledge and strategies. In a way, they are providing you with a service or you could say that they become your broker and manage trades on your behalf. It’s not exactly that but you can say this arrangement loosely fits that definition. Now, if they are providing you with their trading records and knowledge, they must charge you for all of it right? Yes, they do and that happens in the form of splitting of the profit. The thing you will like about this arrangement is that you pay the trader only when you profit from a trade.

Final Thoughts

When I look at these trading features, I instantly have to say that this is one of the best online platforms for investors who want to make trading easy. It does not require them to learn for years before they consider themselves worthy of trading. It puts them in the driving seat right away.