There was a time when the cryptocurrency had no prominence and very less market presence. Whenever the term “Online Trading” was used, it was perceived as forex, commodity, or stock trading assets. With time, the cryptocurrency industry continued gaining ground and today, the industry is the most prominent and more lucrative platform than the rest. Most of the credit for the success of the crypto-industry goes to exchanges that made a huge difference in the initial phases. However, most of the exchanges have stuck with basic, while EcoMarkets has emerged as a revolutionary exchange. Now I will tell you about the exchange in my EcoMarkets review for your enlightenment.

Traditional Assets and More

One of the most prominent and revolutionary steps taken by EcoMarkets in offering assets is the variety of instruments it offers. While most of the cryptocurrency exchanges basic assets for trading such as crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat, EcoMarkets has so much more to offer.

Apart from offering the basic and traditional assets, EcoMarkets also offers different assets. These assets include crypto vs USDT, stocks vs BTC, stocks vs USDT, indices vs BTC, indices vs USDT, commodities vs BTC, and commodities vs USDT.

Each trading asset is fully backed by the experts at EcoMarkets, so no matter the asset, the investors get full attention and support from them. There is never a single moment when an investor would find him/herself in a bad position or unsupported.

Trading Platform and its Exclusivity

EcoMarkets is not some typical cryptocurrency trading exchange that relies upon third party providers to offer trading abilities to the users. The exchange likes to run its operations with full command and ownership, which is why it has its own trading platform. The exchange has developed its own trading platform that competes with the top trading platforms offered by third party providers. It has a one of the most comprehensible, unique, and customizable trading interface, making it user-friendly.

The services and tools it offers include access to historical reports, graphs, charts, fast transactions, access to thousands of markets, single-click executions, and so much more. Some of the most prominent features it offers include market review, trading signals, price alerts, market reviews, asset information, multi-lingual support, and more.

System and Transaction Security

EcoMarkets offers some of the most advanced and high level security system that has capable enough to compete with industrial security infrastructures. The exchange has adopted the SSL Security Protocol making it like a concrete wall, which cannot be penetrated by hackers. In the worst case scenario if a hacker does manage to gain access to a transaction, they would find it impossible to read the data. It is because EcoMarkets has encryptions protecting its data, making it difficult for hackers to read the data.

EcoMarkets Does Not Bombard Investors with Numerous Trading Accounts

In the cryptocurrency industry, majority of the crypto-exchanges offer numerous trading accounts. This shows that in order to gain more tools, benefits, and services, an investor needs to pay more. On the other hand, EcoMarkets offers investors with a single trading account giving them access to hundreds to trading markets. The exchange even takes things up a notch by offering investors a demo trading account, where they can practice trading without losing any assets or money. All an investor needs to do is open up an account at EcoMarkets, make a surprisingly small deposit, and start trading.

EcoMarkets Offers Easy Depositing and Withdrawal Methods

The exchange is fully aware of high concerned people become when they have to give their money to someone online. They always look for familiar payment methods so this is exactly what EcoMarkets has in place for them. The investors can make deposits at EcoMarkets using Visa Card, MasterCard, and Bitcoin (BTC) wallet. Surprisingly, the minimum deposit requirement at EcoMarkets is $5, making it even more credible towards its aim to empower investors rather than taking their money.

When it is time to proceed with a withdrawal, the investors can do it with the help of same methods they use for deposits. While majority of the crypto-exchanges want investors to withdraw a minimum of $100 or more, EcoMarkets let them withdraw a minimum of $20. Once the withdrawal is requested, it takes up to 5 business days for EcoMarkets to process the withdrawal request.

EcoMarkets is Fully Regulated

EcoMarkets is also a fully regulated exchange, making it credible, secure, and protected for its investors to use the platform. The exchange adheres to the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) guidelines. This helps the exchange provide investors with an ethical and peaceful trading environment.

EcoMarkets Offers 24/7 Support

The real time support offered by EcoMarkets is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so they have it fully covered for the investors. The real time support team at EcoMarkets is fully aware of the issues and queries the investors may when trading so they know how to tackle them. At present, the customer support offered by EcoMarkets is available via email and phone.