Whether you are just starting out or have been trading for many years, if you are changing your trading platform, I recommend you pay special attention to the security features. These are the features that many new traders completely ignore because they are too focused on making big profits to notice anything else. The result of doing that is nothing but regret. I am sure I will be able to save you from this regret with my CTmatador review.

This company is among hundreds of others on the internet that give provide you with similar services. However, this one stands out because of how safe it is for all the traders no matter which part of the world they are coming from. Let me tell you more about the security features of CTmatador.

Encryption of Sensitive Data

Let’s start with something that matters more than money today i.e. your data. The information you have is more important than money today due to a lot of reasons. If someone steals your $100, all they have from you is that $100. However, if someone steals your credit card data, you can already predict the kind of havoc they will wreak on your finances. So, when you are entering your personal and banking details on any website, you have to be sure about its safety.

You can rest assured when you sign up with CTmatador that this company has taken all the necessary measures for your safety. The most important of all is the encryption that protects your data as it travels on the internet lines. By using the latest 256-bit encryption standards, this trading platform is giving you a sense of security when you trade on it.

Adherence to KYC and AML

The AML and KYC policies, despite being extremely important, are still complete aliens to many people. Many traders who sign up with online brokers have no idea how important the KYC and AML policies are. The AML policy, which is short for Anti-Money Laundering, acts as a protective layer around the trading platform. By asking for your accurate account details and a picture of your banking statement or credit/debit card, the company ensures that it is you who is giving out all the information, not someone else with your stolen data.

The KYC policy is for the online trading platform to know you as a unique trader. It asks you to submit your personal data and a picture of your identification card and other important documents to prove that it is really you. By creating a unique identity for you in its database, the company prevents anyone from signing up with stolen information. Let me tell you that not all online trading platforms are serious about these policies, or else I would be writing for them rather than writing this CTmatador review.

Account Monitoring and 2FA Authentication

When people know you are a trader and that you have an online trading account with funds in it, they try to steal your login credentials. This way, they get an opening into your trading account and stealing all your money. However, when you sign up with CTmatador, your account will be monitored through the latest tech and under the scrutiny of the best security professionals. They inform you as soon as they notice something suspicious in your account activity. Furthermore, the company uses 2FA authentication process, which means you have to enter your password and a unique code that’s sent to you either by email or SMS before you can access your trading account.

Final Thoughts

I have a firm belief that you must have noticed why I consider this platform safe for new and experienced traders. Your safety as a trader you never want to compromise on and a platform like CTmatador guarantees that you don’t have to. This is why I like this platform and that’s why I believe you should shortlist this platform before you sign up with one.