The first thing you should be asking for before you sign up with an online trading platform is security. As a new trader, you will be the target of many online predators that will try to grab you and get your money. Therefore, it makes sense to research and find only the safest online platforms for trading. The second thing you need from your trading services provider is favorable trading conditions that allow you to achieve your financial goals and prosper as a trader. I am writing this CryptoMatex review only to make your job easy. How am I going to do that?

Well, you will not have to spend your time researching because I have done that for you. I have looked into many options and I have to tell you that CryptoMatex is the one that really sticks out. It has some great security features and the trading conditions that will really give you hope that you will be able to make trading an extra stream of income. Read on to know more.

256-bit Encryption of Information

You don’t just have to look at the word encryption and think that the company is providing you with some great security. Even encryption can be weak. With the passage of time, the cyber criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated with their attacks. 128-bit encryption is a thing of the past now. Yes, it does provide you with some level of security, but it is nothing compared to the modern methods of hacking into people’s information. So, what you need is 256-bit encryption of all the information that you provide on the website while signing up with the broker.

That’s exactly what you are going to get when you sign up with CryptoMatex. This company is all about making things safer and securer for you. On its trading platform, you have 256-bit encryption available, enveloping your information in such intricate and complex codes that reaching your info is nearly impossible for intruders and snoopers.

AML and KYC Policies for Security

Now, the technology is there to protect your information from the online threats. However, that’s not enough when you are dealing with humans who have other ways of accessing people’s information. Furthermore, there should be ways to stop people from using information which they have already stolen from others. That’s why CryptoMatex has AML and KYC policies in place. The KYC policy means that the broker is going to make sure the trader is a legitimate entity, and the one who he/she is claiming to be. To do that, it will ask every trader to submit proper identification information, and even the pictorial proof of it.

The AML policy is there to bar the people who have looted other people’s money and are trying to use it to sign up with the broker. With the AML policy, the company requires proper banking information and certain standards to be met, which the money launderers can usually not meet. CryptoMatex has both these policies implemented on its platform.

Favorable Trading Conditions

Lastly, you have to see if the trading conditions are favorable for you as a new trader when you sign up with an online company. In the case of CryptoMatex, you have huge leverages available for your trades right from the basic account. With the basic account, you have leverages of 1:50 whereas the same leverage will blow up to 1:400 if you go with the most advanced account. You will also not have to worry about any hidden costs and the spreads are very competitive.

Final Thoughts

You can see that if you are a new trader and looking for a favorable and secure online trading platform, this broker really delivers all of that. It is serving hundreds and thousands of traders from more than 60 countries already. With its web-based trading and various other features, there is no reason why you should not pay attention to its trading services and compare it to other options on your list.