If you are fond of the NFT world, then you will be surprised to know many updates have come in from the particular space. You can go through the latest updates from the NFT world and keep yourself up-to-date about the latest progresses in the NFT sector.

Every day, the NFT news have something new to share in regards to breakthroughs, adoptions, and huge sales milestones being achieved. Many people find it easier to collect information surrounding NFTs from the single and first-search platforms.

Ido Fishman, a huge expert in NFTs has recently shared his remarks about the NFT world. He has put together small updates from all over the NFT world for your convenience and ease of access.

Let us go through the information that was provided by the NFT expert, Ido Fishman. NFTs will definitely stick around for a very long time but people still have their doubts. So the news coming from the NFT world will definitely be an eye opener for them.

OpenSea Goes to Seaport

OpenSea, a major marketplace for non-fungible tokens decided to change its blockchain. The platform is currently based on the Ethereumblockchain but plans on moving to Seaport. Moving to the Seaport means that the gas fees on the platform will be reduced by 35%.

At present, the users are being charged with registration fee but the migration would deal with this matter once and for all. The registration fee will be reduced to zero following the migration. OpenSea aims to achieve so much more with the migration.

TAG Heuer Goes NFT

TAG Heuer, one of the largest watchmakers in the world based in Switzerland has made an announcement in favor of NFTs. The watchmaker intends to launch smartwatches that are able to display the NFT artworks.

TAG Heuer has already partnered with the teams behind the creation of CLONE X and Bored Ape Yacht Club artwork collections for the creation of the smartwatches.

TAG Heuer intends to introduce three different designs for the NFT smartwatches. These smartwatches will have the functionality of connected with blockchains as well as two major cryptocurrency wallets. These major cryptocurrency wallets will be Ledger Live and MetaMask.

The smartwatches will only display verified and wearer-owned NFTs. The smartwatch will have the functionality of checking the authenticity of the particular NFT artwork from the blockchain.

CryptoPunks NFT Collection Gets a New Lead

Yuga Labs, the company that reportedly acquired the CryptoPunks NFT artwork collection from Larva Labs has hired a new led for the particular collection. Noah Davis has been hired by Yuga Labs to work as the lead of the CryptoPunks NFT collection.

CryptoPunks is one of the largest and highly valued NFT artwork collection. It has a market valuation that is counted in millions of dollars. Now, Noah Davis, currently an NFT expert at the Christie’s Auction House will be heading the collection for its growth and worldwide recognition.

Noah Davis will be completing his tenure at Christie’s Auction House until the end of June and will join Yuga Labs from July. Noah Davis was the one who led the auction of one of the largest valued auctions of an NFT artwork known as “Everydays: The First 5000 Days. It reportedly sold for a whopping $69+ million figure.

Mastercard Adopts NFTs

Mastercard has announced that it wants to allow its users to be able to buy NFTs directly using their Mastercards. The company has partnered with several major entities from the NFT sector to make its product happen.

With the implementation of the new facility, the users will no longer have to sign up for a wallet at a cryptocurrency platform. Instead, they will be able to make a direct purchase of NFTs using the Mastercard.

When they make the purchase, the money from the card will automatically be adjusted against the exchange rate of the respective cryptocurrency.